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When a company manufactures a product with the intent of selling it to the public for a profit it has a duty to ensure that the product it is placing into the market place is safe and not unreasonably dangerous.

Problems with products can include a problem in how the product or device was manufactured, designed, tested or a failure to give proper warnings or notice of dangers associated with use of this product.

As consumers, we assume that the products we see on the shelves and buy for our families are safe. The public all too often cloaks these giant corporations in a veil of good intentions and just assumes that they have their best interest at heart and wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.

Unfortunately, all too often these companies care more about saving money and protecting their image more than the safety and well being of the public.

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We have actually seen cases where large multinational corporations knew they had dangerous products out there on shelves and made a conscious business decision that it would be cheaper to leave it out there and deal with the damage claims and lawsuits one by one than to engage in a product recall that would protect the public.

Companies are putting their financial interest ahead of your safety everyday. They invest a lot of money on the research and development of new products and getting these products out to market. Admitting there is a problem with one of their products not only has a direct impact on their bottom line but can strain their relationship with distributors, wholesalers, their sales team and retailers. Corporations do not like to admit that they have a problem with a product they are selling.

They will go to great lengths to bury the truth in order to protect their financial investment and justify their past business decisions.

If you or a family member has been injured by a dangerous product you believe was defective you need a team of experienced trial lawyers.

At Devereaux, Stokes, Fernandez and Leonard, we have that kind of team in place, ready to help you with your case. For over a quarter of a century we have been helping people in the St. Louis area, Southern Illinois and throughout the country who have been injured by defective or dangerous products. The types of cases we handle include:

  • Medical and Surgical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Products and Dangerous Medicines
  • Automobiles including crash worthiness, seat belt failure, fuel fed fire, occupant ejection and SUV roll over cases.
  • Appliances and Electronic Equipment
  • Mobile Homes and Trailers, including fire worthiness claims
  • Industrial and Agricultural Equipment
  • Electrical cords, surge protectors and power strips
  • House Hold equipment including baby furniture and window shades

For a list of products that are seen as potentially dangerous, visit SaferProducts.gov. If you think you or a family member has suffered damages because of a dangerous or defective product – call our St. Louis, Missouri, law offices at 314.450.7874, or toll free at 866-285-4611. The consultation is free and you can also reach us online.

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