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Our firm has a team of lawyers aggressively pursuing lawsuits on behalf of women who took the chemotherapy drug Taxotere and suffered permanent hair loss and other forms of alopecia.

What is Taxotere

Taxotere is a chemotherapy medication that is used to treat a variety of cancers including breast cancer. It is manufactured by the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Aventis and sold under the brand name Taxotere as well as the generic name docetaxel.   It was approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. on May 14th, 1996, and there are estimates that as many as 75% of women treated for breast cancer receive the chemotherapy drug Taxotere.

What are the side effects of Taxotere?

We all know that many chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss. This happens because chemo drugs are designed to target cells in the body that replicate quickly. This includes not only fast growing cancer cells but also normal healthy cells in our body, such as hair follicles, where cell division occurs rapidly. These drugs don’t distinguish between your normal fast growing cells (hair) and the quickly replicating cancer cells, and the result is they end up killing both. Most doctors and patients consider a temporary hair loss an acceptable side effect for a drug that is needed to save your life. However, studies have shown that the use of Taxotere can result in permanent hair loss and thinning, a condition known as alopecia, in a significant percentage of women. An article published in the Annals of Oncology in February of 2012 found a correlation between the use of Taxotere and permanent hair loss.

Permanent hair loss is a devastating and life changing condition. Women who suffer permanent hair loss can suffer from lower self esteem and self-confidence, depression and other socially crippling emotional problems.   All of this is made worse by the fact that their permanent hair loss did not have to happen.

Why Are Lawyers Filing Lawsuits Against Taxotere If It Saves Lives?

The problem with Taxotere is that there are other chemo drugs that work every bit as well that do not expose women to the dangers of permanent hair loss. Taxol, manufactured by U.S. based Bristol-Myers-Squibb, has been shown to be just as effective in treating cancer without the toxic side effects and hair loss associated with Taxotere. Making matters worse is the mounting evidence that the manufacturer Sanofi appears to have known of these dangers and made a conscious decision to withhold this information from the FDA, the doctors prescribing the drug and the patients. Taxotere sold in Europe has had a warning about the possibility of permanent hair loss as far back as 2005. Sanofi never gave that warning to U.S. consumers until finally forced to do so by the FDA in December of 2015. The combination of the knowledge of the manufacturer of the problems with their drug and the availability of other drugs that were just as effective without the dangers, is why consumer advocates and the medical community have become outraged and why patients all across the country are filing lawsuits.

Do I Have a Case Against Taxotere?

Our lawyers have been filing claims for women all across the country and would be glad to review the facts of your case to see if we can help you get the compensation you deserve.   If you answer yes to the questions below call us or email us for a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced trial attorneys:

  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • I took Taxotere between 2004 and 2015
  • I am currently experiencing hair loss or significant hair thinning

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