Truck Driver Logs & Regulations


Failure to Maintain Truck Driver Logs and Regulations

Federal trucking regulations require truck drivers to keep detailed logs of their activities. This requirement of truck driver logs is supposed to help ensure that truckers get enough rest so that they are not driving while fatigued. Those regulations also require regular inspections. The goal is that trucks be regularly maintained and kept in good repair — tires, brakes and so on should be in tip-top shape before large tractor-trailers go out on the road along with other traffic.

Log book violations by truckers include (1) failure to keep logs as required (2) keeping two separate logs — one accurate and one kept to show investigators and (3) failure to surrender the driver’s log as requested and required by law.

Attorneys Investigating Trucking Accidents

If you were involved in an accident with a truck and were injured — or if your family member lost his or her life in a car-truck or motorcycle-truck accident, it is important to contact an attorney immediately.

Truckers are required to keep their logs only for certain periods of time. If we wait too long to begin the investigation into all facts related to your truck accident, it may be too late to obtain the driver’s log. The log will help determine whether the truck driver had enough sleep before going out on the highway the day of your accident — and whether his truck’s brakes had been inspected according to schedule.

Many modern trucks now include various on board data storage systems similar to the “black boxes” found on airliners. It is important to identify such systems early in the investigation and to preserve the stored information as it can provide information on speed, braking and actions by the driver.

Regulations mandate that the drivers of commercial vehicles involved in serious and fatal accidents undergo alcohol and drug testing. The results of such tests are often discoverable and must not be overlooked.

The driver’s log also assists with accident reconstruction investigations. Accident reconstruction experts are used to show how the accident happened. Any information, like the following, can be key in their analysis:

  • Review of the police report
  • Identification of, and interviews with, eyewitnesses
  • Photographs of the scene of the accident
  • Photographs of crashed vehicles
  • Evaluation of injuries, including prognosis for physical recovery
  • Review of the trucker’s log
  • Review of information recorded by the “truck black box”

See the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website for more information on regulated hours-of-service and examples of truck driver logs.

Your family is most likely focused on the accident victim’s healing, as it should be. A lawyer on your side can begin the behind-the-scenes work which will help ensure accessibility to compensation that you will need to cope with the aftermath of a serious or catastrophic injury.

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