This Sunday, don’t forget to “fall back” one hour at 2am.

Move your clocks BACK one hour at 2 a.m. on November 2nd. (Try not to get it mixed up like the Mayor of Toronto did last March, when he tweeted out a reminder to “fall back” in the spring!) Did you know that both Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight saving time? in Utah, lawmakers are proposing elimination of daylight saving time as well. One reason is safety – parents don’t like their kids going to school in the dark. Earlier this year, an Alabama lawmaker introduced a bill for year-round daylight saving time, keeping the state on Central Daylight Time, citing that it’s an “archaic standard”.
There have been numerous studies conducted regarding the effects on the number of school bus accidents in the morning, traffic accidents on the Mondays after clocks are moved (relating back to a change in sleep patterns). In 2007, Congress passed a law starting Daylight Saving time 3 weeks earlier and ending it a week later. Many complained, as this costs US companies billions to reset automated equipment and putting us further out of sync with Asia and Africa time-wise – all in the name of the unproven studies that claim we save energy. In any event, enjoy your extra hour of sleep!