Police protect our communities on a daily basis, but those who engage in negligent or even criminal behavior need to be held responsible for their actions. We’ve heard a great deal about police officer brutality over the past few years. For a long time, many people did not believe this type of activity was even going on. We have been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of the marginalized and those who have been abused and hurt by law enforcement officers.

The personal injury team at Fernandez Law represents clients with claims for damages resulting from negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of police, sheriff’s deputies, private security correctional officers, or other emergency response personnel.

Our police misconduct lawyer represents clients with claims against officials and municipalities in St. Louis County, the city of St. Louis, and throughout Missouri and southern Illinois. We also handle cases involving private security contractors in commercial and residential buildings, schools, bars and other facilities. These are uniquely complicated cases and often must be filed in Federal Court. There are issues such as Sovereign Immunity and Official Immunity that can limit or deny your recovery. If you believe you’re the victim of police brutality or law enforcement misconduct, you deserve to work with a law firm with the experience to get the compensation you deserve.

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What Types of Police Misconduct Cases Do You Handle?

We represent members of the general public with claims for injuries suffered in encounters with police officers, correctional officers, and other first responders, whether they involve misconduct, abuse, or simple negligence. Examples of the kinds of police misconduct cases we handle include the following:

  • Excessive use of force by police officers or other law enforcement personnel
  • Injuries resulting from the use of such non-lethal force devices as tasers, tear gas, rubber bullets, nightsticks, stun guns, or other means of crowd control or forced entry
  • Motor vehicle accidents resulting from high-speed police chases
  • Collisions with fire engines, ambulances, tow trucks, snow plows, or other official first response vehicles
  • Death or injury from gunshot wounds at the hands of police, off-duty police, or private security
  • False arrest, wrongful imprisonment, or malicious prosecution
  • Abuse or neglect from correctional officers in a jail or prison
  • Civil rights violations as a result of unwarranted search and seizure

Why Should I Choose Fernandez Law to Handle My Case?

The experience we have developed in over 30 years helps us to recognize the difference between unfortunate accidents and the failure of an individual police officer to follow the procedures adopted precisely to protect the public while allowing law enforcement to perform its functions. Our familiarity with the investigation and development of evidence in police misconduct or negligence cases can also represent an important advantage for clients who could otherwise expect incomplete answers to their questions about just what happened and why.

How Can A Police Misconduct Lawyer Help Me?

Our experience with municipal liability claims of all kinds can also help you overcome hurdles concerning notice requirements, sovereign or official immunity claims, and limitations on damages that can complicate any lawsuit against a public entity.

These claims are complex and shouldn’t be handled without assistance from an attorney.

You need a police misconduct lawyer with extensive experience on your side. To discuss your case, schedule a free consultation today.

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