We’ve all heard the stories – a silly post on Facebook or Twitter leading to a complete reversal of a case or settlement. To prevent yourself from a similar situation, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Don’t post details about your accident, injuries, or recovery on a social media site or personal blog. This includes the uploading of videos and photos, or responding to others’ comments about your accident.   When your lawyer tells you to not talk to anyone about the accident that includes the entire world on social media.
  2. Remove past posts that can be used to limit your claim. A pre-accident comment or post about a sore neck or back can be used by the insurance company as evidence that the collision/incident wasn’t the sole cause of your present injuries.
  3. Google yourself. The insurance company is going to do it, so make sure what they find isn’t going to hurt your claim. If you see “search results” that concern you, contact us so the findings can be evaluated by your attorney.
  4. Don’t let your friends post about you. You need to assume their information will also be accessed by the insurance company. For example, a friend who “checks you into locations” or posts photos of you being active can unknowingly harm your claim.
  5. Increase your privacy settings. Strict privacy settings may not limit complete access by outside sources, but it can help to limit any past, present, or future information that may hurt your claim.

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