Our family is so appreciative of the expert legal representation we received from Gonzalo Fernandez. The medical liability case that Gonz was working on for our son was definitely a very difficult case because of the numerous health issues that our son experienced. At all times we felt very comfortable working with Gonz and knew that he had our son’s best interests in mind. Because of Gonz’s knowledge of the complex legal system he was able to succeed in bringing our lawsuit to a successful conclusion. We would highly recommend anyone who has similar concerns in health adjudication issues to seek out the services and expertise that this law firm has to offer.


Gonzalo Fernandez completely took care of my case. He was thorough about the details and knew exactly what to do in the situation. I am very grateful for his help, and I would strongly recommend him as an attorney.


In a crisis moment I contacted Gonzalo Fernandez to review my situation. His was able to review my information within hours of initial contact and then provide me with sound legal advice. Gonz went above and beyond what I would have expected, I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone that needs legal representation. Thanks Gonz for all you’ve done!


When facing a legal crisis, you want Gonzalo Fernandez at your side! Like many others, I never envisioned being a defendant. However, once so named, I was directed to St. Louis’ premiere defense attorney to champion my cause. Gonzalo Fernandez proved to be competent, prudent and aggressive and successfully saw that all charges against me were dropped. If you find yourself in a similar crisis, don’t hesitate, call Gonzalo Fernandez immediately. I’m glad that I did!


I have known Gonzalo Fernandez for over 20 years as both a colleague, client and friend. His background is impeccable. He has (i) worked at one of the most respected international law firms in the world at Baker & McKenzie; (ii) prosecuted on behalf of the citizens of the City of St. Louis, (iii) worked in one of the most sophisticated corporate legal departments in the country at Anheuser-Busch; and (iv) presently litigates on behalf civil clients at Fernandez Law. Mr. Fernandez has an excellent understanding of both the civil and criminal aspects of our judicial system. I do not hesitate to refer clients to him because I know they will receive top notch legal advice and service from one of the best lawyers in St. Louis. I am proud to have been a colleague, client and friend.


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the EXCELLENT work that was done for me. My case was a rather difficult one to prove and Gonzalo Fernandez and his team went above and beyond to prove my position. During the course of the proceedings I was kept well informed and never doubted for a moment that my interests were being looked after. The firm worked as a team and each attorney involved in my case worked wonders with their areas of specialty. I would highly recommend Gonzalo Fernandez or any member of this firm. If you want superb representation, this is the Team of Attorneys to call. A special thanks to Gonz, Jim and Mike.


I would just like to thank Gonz for all of the hard work and effort he put into my case. He was phenomenal to say the least. He’s an extremely friendly guy and overall just easy to get along with and talk to. He handled my case from beginning to end and made sure we got the outcome we deserved. Thanks to the entire team that helped us out. It meant so much to us.


My experience thus far working with Gonzalo Fernandez has been fantastic!!!! Throughout the entire process to date he has kept me up-to-date and taken more time than I would have expected to explain the process to me in terms someone who is not an attorney can understand fully. I am so thankful to him for his work and support throughout and would recommend him and the firm to anyone!!!!


Gonzalo Fernandez is a great attorney. He works hard for his clients and always keeps their best interest in mind. He returns phone calls and keeps appointments, it’s never a run around with him. Gonz is extremely personable and friendly. He has extensive knowledge of the law and he uses that expertise to do an impeccable job for his clients. I highly recommend him.


Thank you Gonzalo Fernandez for continuing to fight for my case when no one would take it. I can never repay you for your kindness and my cousin William who brought me to you. Not only did you promise me to take my Mom’s case and promise me that you would stay with it till the end, but you are one of the few people who will keep their promise… fight through my jury trial and win… My Mom would be so proud! I am so lucky to have found someone that I can depend on. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me.


Gonzalo Fernandez is an exceptional attorney and I continue to recommend him enthusiastically. Smart, savvy, and client-focused, he is the consummate professional you want on your team; and the ideal lawyer you want leading it.